zeLi! Sauerkraut – East Meets West – 250 g


East Meets West flavour (Green pouch) Ginger, Fresh Coriander and Lemongrass.

It’s ZELICIOUS! Nutritious, delicious, versatile and and good for body and soul!

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Made in small batches from locally sourced products, zeLi! sauerkraut is a handmade, all natural probiotic that is so tasty, it’ll have your taste buds singing out for more! Produced here in New Zealand by Czech Chef, Vrati Smida, using his grandmother’s original recipe. After moving to New Zealand, Chef Smida was unable to satisfy his desire for good, old-fashioned sauerkraut, so he set about making it himself. In the process, he gave his traditional childhood staple a culinary makeover with four fresh and modern flavours.

ZeLi! Sauerkraut is 100% natural, dairy, sugar and gluten free. It’s a healthy super food that will give you plenty of nutrients and vitamins, as well as all of the beneficial good bacteria for optimum gut health. This delicious sauerkraut contains no vinegar or starter cultures in their authentic recipe.