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All Gault’s Deli hampers contain a hand-picked selection of premium products sourced and endorsed by Simon Gault from across the globe.


Perfect for the colder months, this WINTER WARMER hamper contains the comforting products that make us happy over the darker months. Let the slow cooker do the hard work and enjoy Chef Simon Gault’s incredible BBQ rib mix, which can be used to transform all types of cheaper cuts of meat. Pop a loaf of The Larder Project’s healthy bread into the oven and curl up with a mug of Bennetto’s delicious organic hot chocolate. Winter has never looked so good!

All Gault’s Deli hampers contain a hand-picked selection of premium products sourced and endorsed by Simon Gault from across the globe.


2 x Simon Gault Organics Home Ware Mugs. Chunky and funky, just the right size to wrap cold hands around!

1 x Simon Gault BBQ Rub Mix – 485ml jar. The ideal mixture for slow cooked pulled pork, casseroles and even sprinkled over roasted vegetables. It couldn’t be simpler to use and will easily transform any dish.

1 x The Larder Project Bread Mix – 360g. One box makes one loaf. Gluten, grain and dairy free bread mix which creates moist, moreish and delicious loaves. Simply divine. Nourishment for the heart and soul!

1 x Pimenton De La Vera Hot Smoked Paprika – 70g. Made solely in the La Verra Valley in Spain, this special Pimenton (Paprika) is a beautifully smoky, brick red powder essential in Spanish dishes. Oakwood is used to smoke the peppers in dry houses. Before milling into the precious powder, the producer must turn the peppers over every day for two weeks by hand. Easily add a richness to dishes with this unbeatable product.

1 x Bennetto Hot Chocolate – 250g. Add a chocolate sweetness to your day without refined sugars and 40% cocoa content. Organic and Fair Trade, Bennetto hot chocolate is natural and the perfect treat to beat the winter blues!

1 x Hemp Farm Pure Organic Hemp Seed Oil – 250ml. Loaded with natural fatty acids, hemp is a tasty way to meet your nutrition needs. Hemp seed oil is a raw superfood that nourishes the body – whether eaten or used to rub it onto your body. Blend a Tablespoon into your smoothies, teas or tonics. Use to top your favourite dishes or as an ingredient in hummus or dressings. Externally, the unique properties of hemp seed oil can be used to soothe and alleviate dry skin.

1 x Rabitos Royale Dark Chocolate and Brandy Bonbon Figs – 3 pack.  One of our signature products, these figs, from the Extremadura region in Spain, are filled with a rich chocolate ganache and hand dipped in chocolate. Each fig is then wrapped individually in a foil pack to retain flavour and freshness. Gault’s Deli is the sole supplier in New Zealand of these incredible family made delicacies and they are a firm favourite with our customers.

1 x Rabitos Royale Salted Caramel Bonbon Figs – 3 pack.

1 x The Taipa Salt Pig Variety pack – 200g. 100% natural sea salt from the pristine waters of Taipa, Northland, New Zealand. This delicious salt is gathered from the Karikari Peninsula in an area chosen for it’s remoteness. Describes as “good old salt really” this package contains salt water, sunshine, time and patience. Included in this pack is a selection of plain, citrus zest, squid ink, garlic and chilli.

1 x Hogarth Craft Chocolate – Espresso 70g. Crafted by pairing Pomeroy’s dark, roasted Italian blend coffee with the berry notes of Hogarth’s Dominican Republic OKO Caribe cacao. The result is a match made in heaven. Rich dark chocolate with a strong coffee, just like an espresso.

1 x Entube Harissa Chilli Paste – 100g. Award winning, all natural, traditional Northern African inspired Harissa spread. Designed to begin your culinary journey, this paste has a complex flavour profile and will add finesse to your cooking. Each tube contains a flavour bomb!

1 x Home Kitchen Indian Cotton Tea Towel

1 x Large black box and ribbon.

The WINTER WARMER HAMPER comes presented in a quality black hamper box with a white satin ribbon branded with our Gault’s Deli logo in black.

Please note: Sometimes we are out of stock of items listed and will replace with a similar product