All Gaults’ Deli Hampers contain a hand-picked selection of premium products sourced and endorsed by Simon Gault from across the globe.


Looking for the perfect gift for a Coeliac or Gluten-Free Foodie? There’s no need to miss out, as our Gault’s Deli LARGE GLUTEN FREE HAMPER includes a range of Gluten Free goodies that are sure to surprise and delight. Stock the pantry and enjoy all of your favourite products while discovering some exciting new treats. Perfect for sharing or indulging alone!


1 x For the Love of Tams Tamarillo Vinaigrette – 250ml. Award-winning vinaigrette from sunny Northland. This delicious and versatile dressing, with it’s tangy taste, will add a gourmet touch to any dish.

1 x For the Love of Tams Tamarillo Relish – 220g.  Winning SILVER at the 2018 Food Producer Awards, this delicious tamarillo relish is made in Northland, New Zealand. Versatile and tangy, this chutney is the ideal accompaniment to cheese, cold cut meats and even spread on a pizza base to create your new favourite flavour!

2 x Rabitos Royale Fig Bonbon Individual – Dark Chocolate and Brandy.  One of our signature products, these figs, from the Extremadura region in Spain, are filled with a rich chocolate ganache and hand dipped in chocolate. Each fig is then wrapped individually in a foil pack to retain flavour and freshness. Gault’s Deli is the sole supplier in New Zealand of these incredible family made delicacies and they are a firm favourite with our customers.

2 x Rabitos Royal Fig Bonbon Individual – Salted Caramel.

2 x Rabitos Royale Fig Bonbon Individual – White Chocolate and Strawberry.

1 x Gault’s Kiwi Seasoning – 60g. Get some Kiwi in Ya’! My horopito seasoning’s just mint.

1 x Gault’s Indian Seasoning – 60g. Spice it up! The exotic flavours of India in a shake.

1 x Gault’s Moroccan Seasoning – 60g. I’ve Rocked the Casbah to bring you this Moroccan seasoning.

1 x Gault’s Italian Seasoning – 60g. Make every meal sing. Rub ‘em up with my Italian seasoning blend.

1 x Gault’s Mexican Seasoning – 60g. This taste of Mexico can turn any meal into a Fiesta!

1 x Gault’s Lamb Stock – 100ml Pouch. Don’t be Sheepish try my lamb stock! Finally a lamb stock made for a nation of lamb eaters.

1 x Gault’s Beef Stock – 100ml Pouch. No Bull! It’s real beefy. And it’s because my stock isn’t salty water. It’s a full flavoured beef stock made with real vegetables and beef cooked down to deliver a great tasting product. Use me for soups, gravy, sauces, broths, pies, casseroles, lasagna, curry, nachos, bolognese, osso bucco, meat loaf, stir-fry, slow cooking, minestrone, marinades and much more.

1 x Gault’s Chicken Stock – 100ml Pouch. Don’t be chicken!  Use this stock because it’s real good and Simon means real good. He’s made it by roasting chicken, cooking vegetables and reducing the liquid until it has a beautiful flavour.

1 x Gault’s Vege Stock – 100ml Pouch. A farmers market full of veggies in every pouch is exactly what you are getting. My veggie stock is so full of real vegetables you can smell them. This Executive Chef strength stock will give your meals, gravies and sauces that extra 5% magic that turns a good meal into a great one. Now you’re cooking!

1 x Cocavo Light – 400g. Made in Whangarei, New Zealand Cocavo Light is made from pure coconut oil and extra virgin avocado oil. The delicious, buttery yet mild flavour does not have the aroma or taste of coconut making it the perfect cooking oil for everyday use. Cocavo Light is suitable for vegans, vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

1 x Gault’s 100% Sweetened by Veggies Tomato Ketchup – 475g. It’s taken me three years to make great-tasting Tomato Ketchup, sweetened only with 100% New Zealand vegetables—now that’s gotta be a good thing, right? Enjoy!” Simon Gault.

1 x Gault’s 100% Sweetened by Veggies Chipotle Ketchup – 475g. Sweetened 100% with New Zealand vegetables, Gault’s Chipotle Ketchup has the perfect balance of smoky and sweet and is sure to add the right amount of hot deliciousness to any meal.

1 x Pukara Estate Truffle EVOO – 250ml. Rich, earthy flavours of truffle give this olive oil that decadent touch. Pukara Estate Truffle EVOO is great with any mushroom dish or risotto.

1 x 485 ml jar of Italian Olives. Direct from under the hot Italian sun, our olives our incredible!

1 x Gault’s Deli Santagata Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 250ml. A refined olive oil blended with a high quality extra virgin olive oil gives a product characterised by a light and delicate flavour with a subtle aroma of olives. Thanks to it’s high smoking point, this soft oil is ideal for raw condiments as well as for high-temperature cooking. Even better, bring your empty bottle into Gault’s Deli and have it refilled for you – great for the environment and the wallet!

1 x Pukara Caramelised Balsamic – 250ml. From the Hunter Valley, this thick syrupy balsamic is delicious drizzled over just about everything!

1 x Freeze Dried Mandarin Segments – 30g. These delicious mandarin segments are crunchy and intensly flavoured. Eat them as they are, or dip in your favourite chocolate, add to cereal for a breakfast treat, or crumble them over ice-cream, iced cakes and desserts.

1 x Murray River Salt Flakes – 150g. Sourced from the pristine ancient saline aquifers of the Murray Darling Basin. The stunning pale pink hue of the salt flakes is a result of the  mineralised brines which are particularly high in magnesium and calcium, with a touch of potassium and iodine. Murray River salt flakes are very soft and fragile and create a superior texture to your dishes.

The LARGE GLUTEN-FREE HAMPER comes presented in a quality black hamper box with tissue paper to add a touch of luxury and a white satin ribbon branded with our Gault’s Deli logo in black.

Please note: Sometimes we are out of stock of items listed and will replace with a similar product.