.South Island Whitebait and Bubbles Pack


Not many things beat delicious South Island Whitebait and paired with a cold glass of Italian Prosecco, this pack is the perfect treat! Simply watch Simon’s step by step video and you too can create the perfect whitebait fritter with ease!

NB. This pack contains frozen product, so please be aware that this will be sent packed with an ice pack and sent on a non-refrigerated courier. If you are located out of the Auckland area (or living at a rural address) please be aware that whilst every effort has been made to ensure that your order has been packed with care at Gault’s Deli, we can not guarantee that the item will remain frozen once in the hands of the courier.

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1 x South Island Whitebait – 500g (frozen in a container).

1 x Italian Prosecco Serenissima  – 750ml. A delightful Italian dry Prosecco.  “A harmonious, balanced, fine and elegant scent, where fruity notes stand out and are pleasantly rediscovered on tasting. Ideal combined with fish and white meats.”

1 x Murray River Salt Canister – 200g. Murray River Salt Flakes are produced using the pristine mineralised brines from ancient saline aquifers of the Murray Darling Basin. The stunning pale pink hue of the salt flakes is a result of the mineralised brines which are particularly high in magnesium and calcium.

1 x Spanish Smoked Paprika – 70g. Spanish Smoked Paprika Piccante has a tangy, piquant flavour and is the paprika to choose when you’re looking for a lightly spicy option for barbecued meats, roasted potatoes and a wide variety of other Spanish dishes including paella.  Milled with a blend of several different types of Spanish peppers, this intensely smoky paprika is rust red in colour.

1 x Lesieur Mayonnaise – 475g. Creamy and tasty, this French mayonnaise has a delicate flavour enhanced with mustard.