Red Wine Goats Milk Cheese 3kg Wheel


Spanish Goat Milk Cheese soaked in red wine


Red Wine Goats Milk Cheese 3kg Wheel.  A whole wheel of fine Spanish goat milk cheese that has been soaked in red wine, from Rocinante. Soaking in red wine for 48 hours results in a red rind due to the pigment of the wine.  Folklore suggests maybe it was one of those farmhouse accidents: an open barrel of red wine, a wheel of goat’s cheese rolls off the table into the barrel – a few days later somebody finds themselves “decanting” the first wheel of “Cabra al Vino”!. Characteristics of this cheese are:  clean-tasting, slightly acid and moderately bitter flavor, with a slight finish of goat’s milk. Very pleasant and creamy on the palate. The aroma is slightly or moderately suggestive of goat’s milk. The texture is buttery, moist and somewhere between crumbly and elastic.

Price is for approx 3kg wheel. Equates to $67.99kg.

Please Note: Freight is non chilled but packed with ice and sent by courier