Pukara Estate Capsicum and Chilli Jam 320g


Pukara Estate Capsicum and Chilli Jam produced in Australia


Produced by Pukara Estate in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia. Pukara Estate was founded by Bruce Eglington, who planted the first trees in 1999 and was joined 12 months later by Steve Goodchild. The first commercial harvest took place in 2003 and the Pukara Estate brand was launched. Freshness, flavour and premium quality are the characteristics that set Pukara Estate apart. They continue to achieve these year after year, season after season, with their true commitment to agriculture and sustainable farming practices.

Our sweet, sour and spicy jam gives that perfect heat to your dish. Great in sandwiches and wraps or great as an accompaniment to your favourite dish.

Try in a bacon and egg roll. Great when served with savoury scones. Try spreading over chicken and stir-frying. This sweet, spicy jam makes a great dip with asian style snacks and canapes.