Sous Chef Catering – Parmigiano Regiano Cheese 1/2 Wheel 20kg


Half a wheel of Italian Parmigiano Regiano aged for 24 months

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The king of all Italian cheeses, due to both quality and fame. It is made simply from milk, salt, and rennet. Produced on the hills near Parma and Reggio Emilia cities by dairies that have uncontaminated pastures, healthy cows, and expert dairymen that work the product in a completely hand-made fashion, as prescribed by the regulations of the Union. Around 500 litres of milk are used to obtain a whole cheese. Before being sold, the cheese has to go through the strict selection of the Union and bear the sign with the number of the dairy in which it was produced, the month, and the year in which it was made. Seasoned naturally, in the hills, for 24-28 months. Perfect for use in all Italian dishes.

Price is for a Half Wheel approximately 20kg. Equates to $60.99kg.

Courier and freight charges to be advised.

Please Note: Freight is non chilled but packed with ice and sent by courier