NZ RAW West Coast Rata Honey – 500g.


Delicious and pure, NZ Raw Honey – 500g.

Comes presented in a stylish cardboard canister (500g only)



What is our beekeepers favourite honey?

Our Master Beekeepers’ favourite honey is RAW, straight from the hive. For us this means the bare minimum of processing needed to extract honey out of the comb and into glass jars.

All Master Beekeeper RAW honey is single batch. It’s never blended, always a bit different. You can scan the QR code to find out where the bees foraged for the honey in your jar. We think that’s pretty cool.

We don’t heat RAW honey beyond natural hive temperatures. Neither is it creamed. This means our honey retains its healthy enzymes and the full flavour Master Beekeepers love.

This 2019 London Gold Award winnning RAW Rata honey is quite exceptional. This batch was produced in the Otira Gorge area of the West Coast by Master Beekeeper – Lindsay Feary. The white colour and unique flavour are testiment to the purity of this Rata honey.