Mushroom and Truffle Sauce 80g


Tartufi Morra Mushroom and Truffle Sauce made in Italy


The Tartufi Morra was founded by Giacomo Morra in 1930 in Alba.  It was the first company in the processing and marketing of the white truffle of Alba “Tuber Magnatum Pico”. And it is thanks to Giacomo Morra that the fame of the white truffle of Alba and the Langhe spread throughout the world. Today the company Tartufi Morra is a reality that is famous throughout the world: the brand is a sign of the history of Italian cuisine.

This sauce was born from the union of mushrooms and truffle, appreciated for its ease to use and for its characteristic taste. A sauce made of mushrooms (56%) in extra virgin olive oil, summer truffle pieces, anchovy paste, salt, chicory, pepper, garlic in a jar.

Price per 80g jar