Japanese A5 Wagyu Striploin or Cuberoll per kg


Japanese A5 Wagyu, Stripoin or Cuberoll

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Please telephone or email us to order this item as it needs to be weighed before price can be established

Gault’s Deli are very pleased to be able to bring you authentic traditional Japanese Wagyu beef  in “Cube Roll” or “Sirloin” cuts with marbling score 8-10 and the “Universal Wagyu Mark” to guarantee its unrivalled quality.  Japanese A5 Wagyu Striploin or Cuberoll is flown regularly to New Zealand direct from Japan by our supplier.

Price is per kg and is based on the actual weight of the cut.  Because the cuts vary we need to select your piece and confirm the final exact weight.  (Cuts of between 3-4 kg).

Price per KG

Please Note: Freight is non chilled but packed with ice and sent by courier