Jamon Serrano Leg Bone Out


Nico Jamones Serrano Leg Bone Out produced in Spain


Jamon Serrano ham can be eaten either in thin slices or in small chunks, combined with all types of dishes, such as paella, Spanish omelette, salads, pasta, baguettes, fried eggs with potatoes, bread with tomato, melon etc.  Serrano has a much deeper flavour firmer texture than its closest relative, Italian prosciutto.

Nico Jamones have been producing Iberian and Serrano cured legs and shoulders of ham and Chorizo for more than fifty years and have become one of the main producers in Spain. Nico Jamones uses generations of experience and the most advanced technology to produce premium quality products. There commitment to consistent quality and continuous improvement is what sets them apart.

Price per Boneless Leg (approximately 5.5kg). Equates to $54.99kg.

Please note: Freight is via a non-chilled courier packed with ice