Italian Rolled Pancetta 2kg


Boschi Fratelli Rolled Pancetta produced in Italy


Italian Rolled Pancetta is bacon made of pork belly meat, that is salt cured and spiced with black pepper, and sometimes other spices. It is rolled up like salami and dry cured. The Pancette Boschi Fratelli produce have a great taste and are never salty. They are all produced from pigs bred with controlled fodder and following the rhythms of nature.

Salumi Boschi Fratelli produce and manufacture all of their products using the ingredients and following the processing and curing methods passed down from generation to generation. A tradition which stands for quality.  Pancetta in Italy is typically consumed raw.

Price per 2kg log. Equates to $64.99 per kg

Please note: Freight is via a non-chilled courier packed with ice