Italian Felino Salami 1kg


Boschi Fratellui Felino Salami produced in Italy


Italian Felino Salami is one of the first products produced by Boschi Fratelli. They manufacture all of their products using the ingredients and following the processing and curing methods passed down from generation to generation. A tradition which stands for quality.

Italian Felino Salami is a pure pork salami from Felino, a small town located in the green Baganza valley, full of forests where herds of pigs are raised using traditional farming methods. This special salami is the product of the best pork meat and the particular micro-climate of the area of production, allowing it to be aged naturally due to the ideal temperature and right amount of humidity and ventilation.

The fresh meat used to make the salami is carefully selected from de-boned shoulder and belly that is ground with lean and fat cuts of ham. The salami is then stuffed by hand into a pork casing, which gives it its characteristic uneven width. It is then aged slowly and the final product should be soft, with a sweet taste and delicate aroma.

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