Italian Coppa Di Parma 1.8kg


Boschi Fratelli Coppa Di Parma produced in Italy


Italian Coppa Di Parma is best enjoyed sliced wafer thin this is one of the best additions to your antipasto platter.

Made from the neck and shoulder of specially selected pigs, Coppa di Parma is a whole joint of meat that comes exclusively from the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy.  The meat undergoes a dry salting process, a process that allows the product to take on completely its rich and charming flavour. After the resting period, the COPPA is wrapped in a natural casing, hand-tied and let it dry which lasts at least 60 days; during this time the meat acquires its typical texture, taste and aroma.

Salumi Boschi Fratelli produce and manufacture all of their products using the ingredients and following the processing and curing methods passed down from generation to generation. A tradition which stands for quality.

Price per log (approx 1.8kg). Equates to $71.99 per kg.

Please note: Freight is via a non-chilled courier packed with ice