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Spherification Easykit imported from Spain

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Imported from our Spanish supplier of texturas products.

With the Spherification EasyKit you’ll have all the ingredients and tools that you need to carry out one of Albert and Ferran Adrià’s most creative techniques. You’ll be able to create spheres of different sizes and shapes that explode in the mouth. The recipe book includes all the steps required to make spheres at home with many flavour options.

This EasyKit contains: Algin, to form the membrane of the spheres in the baths, Gluco to add calcium to the liquids for the spheres, Xantana to give the liquid density without modifying the flavour and Gelly, which helps to create spheres with shapes. Also included are a collecting spoon, measuring spoon, mini spatula and recipes.

Great product quality.  Lots of ideas and tips to make your favourite recipes.  No need for precision scales.

Price per kit.