Crème with Truffle 750g (Con)


Menu Crème with Truffle Flavour Black (Con) made in Italy


Menù s.r.l. is a leading Italian producer of food specialities for the catering industry including condiments, sauces and pastes, mushrooms, pasta dishes, ready meals, cake and dessert mixes. The company has always tried to account for changing tastes with new products whilst ensuring constant use of quality ingredients, processing hygiene and packaging safety. Menù uses highly innovative technologies, professional staff, state of the art technology and control procedures. Without neglecting the creativeness and capacity of chefs who try out Menù’s products every day, in order to propose increasingly original recipes.

A cream full exquisite French truffle, with its typical dark color. A cream of button mushrooms as the base for the refined flavor of the Tuber aestivum truffle.

Excellent for canapés, appetizers, pasta dishes, etc.

Price per 760g Jar.