Cocavo Package Special Deal – with a complimentary jar of Murray River Salt


Purchase a pot of Cocovo tumeric and lemon infused coconut and avocado oil PLUS a bottle of delicious Italian Santagata extra virgin olive oil and received a FREE jar of Murray River naturally pink flaky salt!

NB. Offer excludes freight and finishes on Friday 8th of November.


1 x Cocavo tumeric and lemon cooking oi – 400g. A combination of unrefined extra virgin coconut oil and extra virgin avocado oil, Cocavo has less saturated fat than regular coconut oil. In addition to being high in lauric acid, Cocavo also offers the added health benefits of avocado oil which includes high levels of mono-unsaturated fat, vitamin E and plant sterols. Cocavo has a very high smoke point, which makes it ideal for cooking. Cocavo enhances and brings out the flavours in dishes from seafood to stir-fry. It is ideal for vegans, vegetarians and non-vegetarians.


1 x Santagata Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 250ml.  A refined olive oil blended with a high quality extra virgin olive oil gives a product characterised by a light and delicate flavour with a subtle aroma of olives. Thanks to it’s high smoking point, this soft oil is ideal for raw condiments as well as for high-temperature cooking. Even better, bring your empty bottle into Gault’s Deli and have it refilled for you – great for the environment and the wallet!


1 x 55ml jar of Murray River Salt Flakes – COMPLIMENTARY!

Murray River Salt Flakes are produced using the pristine mineralised brines from ancient saline aquifers of the Murray Darling Basin. The stunning pale pink hue of the salt flakes is a result of the mineralised brines which are particularly high in magnesium and calcium.

Murray River Salt Flakes are very soft and fragile and create superior texture to your dish. Enjoyed by food connoisseurs the world over. Place in a small finger bowl and sprinkle over meals prior to eating.

Taste the difference!