Caviaroli Encapsulated EVOO 200g


Caviaroli Encapsulated EVOO produced in Spain


CAVIAROLI ® is an encapsulated extra virgin olive oil, Which smells and tastes like Olive Oil, but looks and has the texture of Caviar. “Taste explosion” are the words that sum up Caviaroli Encapsulated EVOO!  A sphere of pure oil with the same texture as caviar. It explodes in the mouth, leaving unique aromas and intensity on the palate. An exciting way of enhancing any gastronomic experience. Great with either hot or cold dishes but it is not recommended.  It has 12 months of shelf life and only need to be stored in room conditions, away from light, heat and odour sources, just like extra virgin olive oil.

Caviaroli is a Spanish family business that has turned tradition into innovation with its oil caviar, a product with high gastronomic value made with cutting-edge technology. The result is a world of new culinary possibilities.

Price per 200g Jar