Carnaroli Gold Medal Risotto Rice 5kg


Carnaroli award winning Italian Risotto Rice

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Carnaroli Gold Medal Rice is one of the great super-fine varieties preferred in high class cooking due to its high quality. The starch contained which is rich in amylose (over 24%) makes it particularly resistant to boiling with a great absorption capacity. It is therefore ideal for the preparation of risottos, in which the rice needs to be fluffy, as well as rice salads.

Carnaroli Rice is made at Casina Veneria which has a long history of rice production making dating back to the 12th Century where Cistercian monks of the Abbey of St. Maria in Lucedio transformed the marshland into rice fields. Through the years Cascina Veneria set a new standard for the rice industry and now handle the transformation of rice to the end product.

Price per 5kg Bag.