Black Angus Grain Fed Beef Aged 150 days Bone In per kg


John Dee Grain Fed Beef produced in Australia

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John Dee is the oldest single-family owned meat processor in Australia and has been producing and selling outstanding beef products for four generations. John Dee’s high quality grain fed beef is the product of an integrated feeding program at the company’s Yarranbrook Feedlot. The feedlot is located on the Southern Darling Downs, near Inglewood. Cattle are fed a balanced diet of quality flaked grain with locally produced feedstuffs to achieve a high grade product.

The Black Angus Grain fed Beef is aged for 150 days, comes from mid fed cattle and has Marble Scores of 1, 2 and 3 to ensure a high grade of quality beef. Extremely well bred cattle of all breeds combined with a nutritional ration results in beef that delivers every time.

Price per KG. Sold per rib rack of approximately 7kg.

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