Aluminium Round Catering Tin with Lid


Sealable Aluminium Round Catering Tin with Lid imported from Spain


Imported from our supplier 100% Chef in Spain. Through the use of the most advanced technology, uncompromising quality and functional design, the 100% Chef brand is synonymous with innovation, quality and value.

Empty cans with a separate sealable lid. Perfect for presenting fresh food portions as if they were tinned food. Give your guests the impression they are getting something off the supermarket shelf when in reality you are presenting them your latest culinary creation. These aluminium tins offer you a unique way to present dishes at your restaurant or next catered event.

They are manufactured with high-quality aluminium and the covers are vinegar and acid-resistant and come in boxes of 100 tins with lids.

Diameter 50mm x  Height 35mm

Note: These tins seal with the lids provided by use of a tin sealer which needs to be purchased separately.  See Round Tin Sealer

Price per single unit.