.R&D Food Revolution and Albert Adria – EasyFoam Gin Cocktail


Easyfoam – Gin & Tonic.

Gin … with a hint of almond milk and lime, this foam provides a super fresh finish for the ever-popular Gin Tonic. Amaze your friends and family with your cocktail making skills this summer!

50 serves. Alcohol – 4.7%.


Another day, another innovative product from a Spanish chef. This time it’s from world-famous chef Albert Adrià, who has created EasyFoam. Made by Food Revolution, EasyFoam is a line of foams that can be used to immediately add a unique texture to cocktails and dishes. They offer an “explosion of flavor,” according to Adrià, and add a surprising touch.

EasyFoam is versatile and easy to use, and they also come with their own siphon.

Instructions for use: –

Shake well and dose as desired, holding the canister upside down. Clean the nozzle after each use with water. Cocktail-Foam will remain intact for 5 to 15 minutes. Foam will last even longer: – In a tall, narrow glass – on carbonated beverages – in a glass that narrows at the top – the lower the alcohol percentage.

Storage advice: –

Store at room temperature. After opening, the canister can be stored at room temperature until the best-before date, as long as you thoroughly clean the nozzle after each use.